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Drink and draw.. The first and last…


After our busy and kind of long first day back to university we still had the holiday feels and the uni motivation feels too. So a few of us decided to go to the drink and draw in the LOFT. Ooooooo planning things!

It was the first time I ever went and the last time the Loft was hosting it! So a lot of people showed up, the place was packed out, the floor was covered with artsy, drawing skilled folk and clanking bottles mixed with chatter was the soundtrack to the night.

It was super chilled out and it was such a good night! our little group was having loads of giggles and chats and I’m pretty sure at times we were the only people talking (very loudly, oooopsies) But my friends drew amazing drawings and I wish I had pictures of their work to post along with this babble of words!

Anyway there was a lot of distractions and very little concentration on my part so my drawings were just poop little doodles but it was a good laugh!!

Other people’s drawings were amazing and it was very inspiring to see what people could come up with in a certain amount of time. It was like they had magic powers, or worked like those old machines they used to have plotted around in towns, where the booth would take your picture and transfer it into a style where it looked like it had been drawn and then it printed it, those people were human forms of them machines. Isane.

But it was fun, and the people who sat to be drawn were all very interesting, I would have enjoyed drawing them for way longer. A couple of us ended up just sitting and enjoying the night, after that we went a little adventure