Floating city Kaunas-Final Presentation

Screenshot 2016-05-03 12.42.58

So the time finally came, our final presentation for the floating city project has been completed. It was quite intense and nerve wrecking, but I think it went well. Our tutor Conánn seemed to like it quite a bit, a few things he had to say about it was that the scale of some different parts could be adjusted as the sense of scale has been confused through the departments, the bottom bit looked crowded and condensed and then the top piece of the city looked a lot larger, each piece looked as though it would fit a different size of person. What he said to do to fix this was to add a few buildings from the bottom parts with all the houses and add little bits of them into the top of it!

All in all the presentation went quite well and if I have time I would like to go back with the team and fix a few things up within the city itself.



12 Principles of Animation Presentation

Kristina, Megan, Sinéad and I worked as a team to create this presentation that highlight the 12 principles of animation, we took three elements each to look over and began researching into various artists and animations that covered the principles! My team worked really well! This is it!!

12 Animation Principles