Paradise Awaits by Zhu

The use of textures and the layering of them through out this animation is great(especially the black and white) and something my team and I looked at when trying to think of ways to experiment with the layers that we wanted to use.


Baths (Łaźnia)

Quite an interesting concept and maybe a great visual way of showing an experience. Showing a woman revisiting her past. Love it, thought there was an excellent use of camera, it has a surreal aspect and it makes something so simple like swimming, much more elegant and interesting to see on screen. Definitely good to give it a watch! Great for style as well, something grasping in the visual content. As a team this is something we should look at when we want to incorporate 2D

Keeping the Artists hand

During this they talk about how they kept the artist’s hand throughout their 3D animation, incorporating a sense of 2D. They also talk about their process and how they create the whole sense of the artist within the piece. It is very helpful and I thought it was quite interesting and something my team and I would gain a bit of knowledge after watching this over a few times. Then it might be good to watch the full short film.