Module reflection

Imaging and data Visualisation has been an interesting module, it was a nice break from new narratives at times and it expanded your knowledge of different things. Such as, in the floating city project we had to do quite a lot of in-depth research and this was quite intense and something I wasn’t used to doing as reading loads and taking it all in isn’t quite my forte. But the challenge was there and from this you learnt how to research and then what ways you could possibly present it so as it’s in an easy format to understand. This is where the info-graphic came in. The floating city project also gave insight into how  research is quite necessary when coming into a large project. From this we then moved onto the head modelling and understanding topology. Honestly I wish I gave this section of the module a lot more time as I know I would have enjoyed it a lot more and researching for it would have been extremely interesting. The knowledge you gain from understanding how muscles affect the structure of the face is something extremely necessary for the years to come and I wasted my chance of learning that in the time scheduled. But I feel like I have grasped the basics and I am excited to start learning this more in summer.  This module has taught me a lot through-out the semester and I feel a lot more confident when it comes to tackling research and adapting the knowledge found there and then also when it comes to modelling and understanding good topology. I wish to continue learning this type of stuff over the summer for myself so as I can catch up to where I feel I am meant to be. I know I could have done a lot better in this module if I had gave it more time.