Creating Trees,Flowers in Maya / Paint Effects Forest Techniques easy..!


Ryans Idea

“thinking our camera could only move up and down , when the camera raises we can see what the character wants (the moon) and when the camera is lowered it shows the characters reality and then at the end we can have a juxtaposition where the character realises the important thing in his life are down not up”-Ryan

This was an awesome Idea I thought, something the original narrative and storyboard that I drew out had in it’s narrative and this was an awesome idea of showing it through just the use of camera.


Her- Needs and Desires

Excellent topics covered and very relevant to our animation. How our character is lonely, alone, the only colour in a colourless land, holds audiences attention and lots more. Also a beautiful movie and an extremely interesting one. Makes you feel nostalgic and attaches the audience to the character, the whole thing is almost relatable to anyone.