Narrative and story development

The first initial Animatic that we created after the narrative change was pretty basic. This was made on dramatic time constraints. The night before we had to present Gianni and I sat up working. Gianni worked on other things while I sat and drew out this animatic for my team. Gianni and I then put it together in I-movie, I put in the soundtrack and then he touched up some of the tonality with effects on Imovie. I thought it turned out pretty well for a one night job, but we should have left ourselves with more time.

Within this Animatic I wanted to try and incorporate everything that my team and I had discussed up until this point. But on top of that I wanted to try and give it an atmosphere that felt longing, nostalgic, comfortably lonely and also the visual of a paint like effect.

The old man walks to the top of the hill, he pulls along a chair. Once he reaches the top, he waits. From day till night he sits there, longing for the moon. Once the moon shows the ground starts to move and up shoots growth of Bamboo. The bamboo begins to lift him high into the air while he sits on his chair, hoping he doesn’t fall off. Once he gets so high up that he’s at the same height as the moon everything slows down and eventually stops. It looks as though he has waited for his destination, but when the camera turns, he is just out of reach from the moon.

Looking back at this narrative, it is too loose to understand, it’s a series of actions that appear to have no meaning. From and audiences perspective it has no meaning, just visuals.

From here we decided that we had to make the whole thing more understandable, but we still wanted to leave a place of mystery to be lived in our story. We also wanted to show character development. We don’t have lots of time for character development, but it would be something great to explore as we expand our narrative.

The next few Animatics were made from development over the weeks and advice from the tutors. We wanted to show the character’s journey and how far he has come to get to where he wanted to be. How desperate he wanted to get there despite his old age.

Our principle behind our animation is emotion, we want to create an ambiguous sense to the entire narrative because it is to do with death (something we all know very little about as a first person experience). From this we want the audience left kind of confused with the whole animation, to get a slight grasp of want the character wants, but in turn as the audience we don’t really know who the character is and what his past life as led. All we know is that he and the narrative is coming to an end, and we as the creators showing that, want it to be a beautiful end.

Final Animatic


The beginning of “To the Moon”

To the moon 1

A small girl sits and wait along in the dark with only one light source, the moon. She longly stares at it, as it is her only company. But it is so far away. She grows sad, and she taps the ground with her hand. Once she does a small plants sprouts out of the ground, sh looks at it and then hits the ground again seeing if anymore will come out, they do. She stands up and jumps on the ground as hard as possible. Hundreds of plants emerge from the ground shooting up into the sky. The girl jumps on them as the grow, she climbs them. Eventually it grows so tall that she is sooooo close to the moon that she feels like she might be able to get to it, to finally be with it. But she tries and she stretches towards it, but it is just out of her reach. She sits down and looks away from the moon in the direction that she once came from. Once she opens her sad eyes she sees a beautiful landscape that goes on for miles, it looks magical and filled with life.

Storyboards- to the moon- 1

Storyboards- to the moon- 2

This Story was meant to show how we can sometimes find ourselves in awful places, feeling completely alone, and we give ourselves a goal, a way to get out of that pit, either by achieving something or depending your happiness on someone else. But as you aim for that goal of own self happiness you forget all the stuff you once had all the good you already had in your life that you just couldn’t see because of the dark clouding your mind.

The moon is meant to be your shining light to happiness, but it shows through this that no one ever reaches that goal they set themselves in that desperate time, as happiness doesn’t just come from one thing, one person, it comes from everywhere around you and everyone. When the girl looks back at where she came from, she starts to notice all the greatness that she once lived in.

The animation isn’t meant to feed you answers or emotion, you’re meant to look for it. We as a team didn’t want to create an easy feeding narrative as we know through beauty, through in depth research and planning out the set design, we could achieve a sense of emotion. We want the audience to know an emotion is meant to be felt, but that emotion isn’t predetermined, it is up to them to chose. We don’t want to force it.We just want them to feel something.