Design Discourse Module assessment

Module Assessment 
This semester was an incredibly new experience, delving into new software, a new way of working and new people.It caused a lot of stressful experiences and it was hard to try and organize time to fit life outside of animation in to my schedule from day one and a lot of things had to go because of it. But the  work was extremely interesting and very exciting to create. Design Discourse is the element of the module that caused the most difficulties and downfalls as constructing words and anything written is very intimidating. Maya also was a large let down, when attempting to create anything on it, it would always cause a lot of anxiety and end in, myself, giving up and would be a very demotivational experience. All in all the module has been an extremely interesting experience and has supplied a lot of opportunities for a great learning experience throughout the semester, as a result of this a lot of new skills have been taught to us, specifically myself, such as; communicating with team members, adapting to new situations, learning new software, time management etc… It’s been a great learning experience and an excellent introduction into what our expectations should be for the rest of the course. 



Through out the semester Maya did not go well for me, I found it very daunting and with creative elements and the essay I found myself really pushed for time to try and fit the time it needed in. I also had to try and deal with things outside of uni and these all took a horrible effect on the progress within this part of the Module.

I plan to try and test Maya out more over the holidays that I have left, and be a little more ready and less nervous to use it.

Sorry to anyone who watches this! It is not fun for the eyes.

12 Principles of Animation


While looking in to the 12 principles of animation I found various videos that helped explain them very well, more so than reading because it had someone explaining the movements as it happened on screen.
I found quite a few videos and they were all helpful, there was a whole series on youtube about them that I watched but the video above is reduced and easier for a simpler watch.

Here the first episode of the playlist of the more intensive one aswell-

And also a little interesting read too!

All the sources were quite interesting to learn about as you begin to see the things being applied to any animation you watch after reading up about it.