Creative Elements Module Assessment

 The initial beginning of this semester was very intimidating and stressful as there was loads of new people, new software, new ways of thinking and a lot of work. It puts you on edge making you think that you are not possibly good enough to do this course as when meeting all these new amazing people with skills that you do not have makes you feel as though it is impossible to even progress. But as the weeks developed and we began learning more about the progression within the subject and that we all had a variant of skills that were all useful we found that we were all pretty capable and helpful in a way which made working in teams great as everyone brought a little something different to the group 
The weeks fly by and you don’t have a lot of time to reflect on what you are learning, you just keep moving forward and  from this you find yourself doing/creating things that you didn’t realise you could do. The environment in which we learn is like a mini community. We not only learn from just the classes we have you also learn from the people around us. Each element that happened within a week taught you quickly and your time was filled with a whole learning experience, which was fantastic. Small projects helped you with the larger projects and every class we had was very important to the whole movement of the semester and your personal work.  
You learn a wide variant of skills and you use the things from previous weeks discussed to help progress your current work. The class is very supportive and the environment itself is that of a welcomed and comfortable one, where your ideas are never really judged or pinned down as stupid and the work that you create is always enjoyed by at least one person. 
It does get very stressful as you find yourself only thinking of animation and you begin to feel guilty for doing anything but the work. The work load never feels finished, because it is not, you can always do more, you can always do better, or at least that’s the way I felt while working throughout the semester. But this can be a positive as well as it keeps you busy, it keeps you productive and it keeps your mind filled so as you can’t really have time to worry on other elements in life. But it can affect your sleep, eating habits and other elements of health, as you find your free time very limited and most free time is trying to sleep for a few hours.   
All in all this semester has been a love hate one for me, I have found the most amazing friends in the world because of it, developed skills that I didn’t think was possible, met minds of great people, learnt so much on an understanding of other people’s emotional level and also on an educational level and was constantly in a state of productivity. 


Final Animation- Domination!

This is the final animation that I created for the opening for our presentation. It is just to show slightly how the game is set up and maybe played, it also shows the game field and the two characters that this game was designed around.

Within this animation I drew out every frame, till the last scene where I used photoshop timeline when I finally stopped being scared of using it. I also drew out all the backgrounds, characters and everything else. The only bit that was not created  by  me was the typography that Even designed for the end saying “domination”, which turned out lovely. I also edited it all and also inserted the sound. Even found the sound, but I couldn’t find her source for it unfortunately, but I believe it was from a free sound source.

I think it turned out okay, but I would have loved to been able to spend more time on it to make it a little better and it would have probably made more sense.

Writing the story for hell!!

I began to type up a brief story of where this game derived from and how it was formed.. here is a little bit of the story so far!

There were two brothers, during their mortal life they both craved control and empowerment, they each seized opportunities to manipulate the weaker population into what the two power craving brothers wanted, it became a battle between the two men to see who could become the ruler of their world… But death caught them before they could finish their battle and they landed in Limbo..

They wandered through Limbo trying to find species to control to satisfy their cravings. But the land was a vast emptiness all they had was each other and their internal hatred for one another.
As they sat and slowly gave up a small character appeared through the icy ground. The two men looked at it curiously and then at each other, thinking to themselves that they were going to grab him first. But instead of their normal abrupt greediness taking control over their bodies they just looked at him.. The character walked and they followed it pointed to one side of the this huge landscape and one of the huge men walked over there, then the other stayed put…
The little character lifted his arms and flapped his coat with one vigorous swoop, it blew snow from the ground to reveal a wide open rocky terrain.. The ground started to shake and then two circular podiums lifted from either side of the field, each containing a few cages hangning from them with creepy creatures trapped inside of them … The men hit the ground with their hands and large rocky slabs that resembled similar appearances to cards grew from the ground. they suspended in the air in front of the grotesque mens… let the games begin!

Adventure time Cards Wars!!

I thought of card wars as it had a sense of magic to it and also a lot of interesting qualities to it that we could read into! I found various links to show my group and to explain an idea alongside with the research!

I first showed them part of the episode that first had card wars in it! Flip I loved this episode of adventure time because when I was younger always wanted things to come to life and then I saw this game in adventure time and I just wanted it to be real!! It’s so adorable and amazing at the same time!

And then I remembered that there was an actual game made about it that you can play on the computer! you can play it with your friends or just the computer! So I looked into that and found a few things


Research’n Research’n Rheasearching!! (wooot woot)

After all the planning on what we want the mediums of the outcomes to be, we then began looking into what we wanted the actual game to consist of soooooo it’s that time of the project when we research, research… RESEARCH!!

We began with the normal things; Board games, games children play and more of that genre! We didn’t find lots that interested us so we thought we would look less into real world games and more into fantasy games, because that would be more fitting of what we were trying to conceive.

Within our findings we found 3 main contenders,



Adventure time Card wars
Which I will talk way more about on the post after this!!!!

After revising our findings we noticed that all the games we looked in to were all about cards! But we were in hell, we didn’t want a plain old card game!! So we loved the sense of wonderment behind these games!! The sense of more!

Looking into these games was the bests thing to do, especially cards wars as it had so much to offer!!


So after that mega Idea session, and when my group arrived I proposed all of the ideas to them and they liked them all. We discussed it further and we decided to go with the one with the two creatures playing the game at the beginning and this is what created hell. They also liked the juxtaposing idea of which the characters would do their day job, terrifying lost souls, all day and then to chill they would group together to then play a really cute game to ” de-stress” from the whole thing and take their anger out in that.

That day Jonny also had this awesome idea of these smoke war things, where characters from each level would set fires to create smoke, the smoke would come out as an adaption of the colours of their world and it would be a competition so see which group of people from a level could fill the sky first with their colour of smoke.  It was such an awesome idea and we wanted to include it as well. Then after that I also had the idea of the creatures creating a game out of torturing characters, they would spend their days trying to gain ‘points’ to see who could get the most scares out of the lost souls, you got extra points if the souls gave up and  even more if the souls got trapped in your level for eternity.

As a team we initially were going to try and fit all three/four games into the final outcome of which we had started to discuss as well.

Initially we were going to create a whole narrative and abundance of work that can support the narrative that ties all the things we have learnt over previous weeks together..
For the backstory of the two godlike creatures playing the game we were going to create an animation that showed how that developed and where their game came from.

After that we were going to create a motion graphic on how the smoke game was played, as it could be very graphical and would be extremely fun to experiment with.

Then we decided that we would draw a bunch of designs and concepts of the scoreboard and how the point system would work for that.

Last but not least (because there is lots) we were going to create a comic strip of the characters all playing the cutesie game to then tie the whole thing together of it connecting to the past and first initial game. We wanted to create a comic strip as we thought this would add extra quirkiness to the  essence of the whole scene as we would be able to add in dialogue of what the characters were saying and express a lot more that just their expressions.

Throughout all of this we were also going to do storyboards, concepts and various sketchy designs, so as we had developed everything to the best standards we could!!!

Big plans for a big couple of weeks!! woop woop, exciting!