Final Short Film- To the Moon

Our principle behind our animation is emotion, we want to create an ambiguous sense to the entire narrative because it is to do with death (something we all know very little about as a first person experience). From this we want the audience left kind of confused with the whole animation, to get a slight grasp of what the character wants, but in turn as the audience we don’t really know who the character is and what his past life has led. All we know is that he and the narrative, is coming to an end, and we as the creators showing that, want it to be a beautiful end.

The animation isn’t meant to feed you answers or emotion, you’re meant to look for it. We as a team didn’t want to create an easy feeding narrative as we know through beauty, through in depth research and planning out the set design, we could achieve a sense of emotion. We want the audience to know an emotion is meant to be felt, but that emotion isn’t predetermined, it is up to them to chose. We don’t want to force it.We just want them to feel something.

The aim we hope to achieve is that the audience is left uncertain of what has actually happened, and we hope that they would want to watch it again to try and figure it out. We haven’t quite polished off this idea yet. But after this we hope to work over summer to try and achieve something that is visually stunning, that is emotionally stirring, that is nostalgic in some sense, that shows there is comfort in endings and an atmosphere of loneliness. But for now, this is what we have created.


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