Environmental and concept design

The concepts started from experimentation. Through the designs of the sets I wanted to experiment with perspective through them, certain things could frame the moon to look as though that the moon is closer than it is.  Or to create a whole surreal landscape to accentuate the moon. I wanted to create the set to  look flat so as the moon always looked in reach.


I used inks to do a lot of concepts as I thought it gave a nice mystical atmosphere to the  simplistic set design. The strong use of black for the foreground allowed for a sense of depth, but gave a 2D sense which is something we all decided for.
The inks gave a more illuminating feel to the sky  which drew the eye to the moon, and hopefully that would make the audience know that the moon is meant to be the primary focus of the character.



Gianni then thought it might be good to work together on concept designs as it seemed to work out well when we were doing character designs and I drew ou skeletons for him to draw from, so he did the same for me. He tried to open my mind to drawing less flat and giving more depth and perspective to my concepts. He sketched out perspective lines, and showed me how to use these lines with horizon lines. From that he drew in elements to each drawing. like a piece of land in the foreground and then a small piece of land in the background. After he finished drawing I loved what he came up with, so I only work on top of them a little to clean up the lines and finish them off with coloured inks.  (image below)


These pages of my sketchbooks were my favourite concepts as they all looked from the same world. I also liked the colour scheme as an art piece, but I didn’t know if the imagery created with my ink and my drawings would translate well into our animation.

Throughout when I was drawing concepts I thought the choice of camera the thought of design could all create an illusion, create a false sense of hope for the audience and the character. To make it look that the moon is closer and bigger than is rather is.


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