Rocks and trees


I thought about the smaller things and how we would go about designing them, like the rocks and trees. I thought these were components that could give the set a little more character and these bits make the set more believable.



I wanted to experiment more with these elements but time was constrained so as we work more on this project over summer I will explore this more, it will make our set more fulfilled and original in appearance

We wanted to have dead looking trees and for them to cast interest shadows and have interesting silhouettes.

Screenshot 2016-03-24 22.48.15



Screenshot 2016-03-24 22.48.19

After modelling some basic trees Gianni fell in love with them, as I found a really easy way of making them and  he was so happy that I kept a simple mess with a more complicated design. After we both discussed them for a while I then showed them to the rest of the team, they loved them, so we decided to use them as a starter for the trees we will come to use.



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