Final Character Design

Above is our character at nearly his final stages, Gianni spent a bit more time on him after this video was made. But here is how his final stages and appearances came about to be.

The character started to get a little more developed and from play abouts with my own ideas I tried out giving the character a large beard but it would be short enough so it wouldn’t be affected by his walking throughout scenes.


But this beard design still looked too free and not stiff enough. So I had to keep going with the concepts, plus he looked very God or Noah-estque. Because Sinéad and I were getting stuck on work over easter while we worked at our homes we decided to take to Café Nero (as uni was closed) and begin working as a mini team helping each other out with work. It was great. (character designing and storyboarding while drinking tea and it was raining outside, was perfect)


I was getting stuck on making this character look a little more weighted and old so I asked sinéad to give drawing our character a go. She helped a lot by doing so. I had this band of material that went around the character, sinéad suggested that to make him look more natural and weighted was to give this band on the character more of a curve to give it more weight.


This turned out really well!! And I applied this to me next character designs and it stuck to make it into the final concepts.




From here we chose as a team which character of the 3 that we liked the most. After that I drew out a simple schematic (because we were all pushed for time) or the character from front, back and side. The next step from here was the character to then be modelled and the bag to be designed and also modelled to put with the character.



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