Experimental Concepts


I wanted to widen our possible choices when it came to style and also colour scheme, which in turn would then affect the general narrative as colour scheme and style affect the entire atmosphere of a piece. So with this I was pushing the possible change of sense and feeling at this stage. Because of this this may have made me a little less passionate about this kind of experimentation as I think I liked where we were going, so I didn’t want to test things out too much.

We thought a nice style that we could maybe play with was the style that gravity falls had, so I tried out a style that looked somewhat similar but I wanted to make it our own, and I gave it a little more depth adapting the style to a more dry rocky land, but the green and pink gave it life and energy.

concept 6

I wanted to test out a few different styles, but because they didn’t flow straight from my hand and mind I found them more unsuccessful and passion filled. I know that I get into my work quite a bit so when I see others styles and for research purposes and to broaden ideas I try and adapt another hand for a while. But it’s rarely that successful as I don’t enjoy the process as much, which shows through the work. But through these failed drawings, I found that colour scheme helped a piece a lot, by simply changing the gross yellowy greeny one, to a blue coloured piece really helped the entire drawing.

concept 7


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