Tutorial Videos I used

Finally I had found a simple enough tutorial that seemed to be an easy enough step by step video to follow, and also one that seemed possible to get finished in the time constraint that I had left my self to get it completed.

One major problem though with the tutorial that I had been using was that “James Taylor” did not include semi-detailed ears in the model he had created. Which I knew from before I had started using it, but I thought I had gave myself enough time to adapt a different ear in to the model I will had made by the “James Taylor” tutorial. The one below was the initial one I had checked out, and it didn’t seem that difficult to follow. One main reason that I didn’t use it in the end was the fact that guy talking in it tried to make it too entertaining and I couldn’t concentrate properly with this tutorial. I also noticed that with the finishing piece it seemed a little more difficult to connect to my already existing mesh so I then went on the search for a few more.

Another Ear tutorial I found to try and help the ear problem, which was quite interesting.

Finally My friend Eoin sent me the tutorial he was using and I used part 2 of his tutorial to then build the ear for my head model. After watching the video I really wish I had used it sooner and followed the entire 3 videos as they seem a lot more in-depth compared to the one that I had used to model my head, the video was also played in real-time and was a lot easier to keep up with rather than the one I had used. (and the guys voice was a lot more easier to listen to).




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