The beginning of “To the Moon”

To the moon 1

A small girl sits and wait along in the dark with only one light source, the moon. She longly stares at it, as it is her only company. But it is so far away. She grows sad, and she taps the ground with her hand. Once she does a small plants sprouts out of the ground, sh looks at it and then hits the ground again seeing if anymore will come out, they do. She stands up and jumps on the ground as hard as possible. Hundreds of plants emerge from the ground shooting up into the sky. The girl jumps on them as the grow, she climbs them. Eventually it grows so tall that she is sooooo close to the moon that she feels like she might be able to get to it, to finally be with it. But she tries and she stretches towards it, but it is just out of her reach. She sits down and looks away from the moon in the direction that she once came from. Once she opens her sad eyes she sees a beautiful landscape that goes on for miles, it looks magical and filled with life.

Storyboards- to the moon- 1

Storyboards- to the moon- 2

This Story was meant to show how we can sometimes find ourselves in awful places, feeling completely alone, and we give ourselves a goal, a way to get out of that pit, either by achieving something or depending your happiness on someone else. But as you aim for that goal of own self happiness you forget all the stuff you once had all the good you already had in your life that you just couldn’t see because of the dark clouding your mind.

The moon is meant to be your shining light to happiness, but it shows through this that no one ever reaches that goal they set themselves in that desperate time, as happiness doesn’t just come from one thing, one person, it comes from everywhere around you and everyone. When the girl looks back at where she came from, she starts to notice all the greatness that she once lived in.

The animation isn’t meant to feed you answers or emotion, you’re meant to look for it. We as a team didn’t want to create an easy feeding narrative as we know through beauty, through in depth research and planning out the set design, we could achieve a sense of emotion. We want the audience to know an emotion is meant to be felt, but that emotion isn’t predetermined, it is up to them to chose. We don’t want to force it.We just want them to feel something.


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