Understanding topology and the facial structure

I first began research into the head by heading to Pinterest as Alec had advised at one stage to look up topology and get to see some visual help to the variants of ways to create this. I made a topology board and pinned a few things I thought were interesting or helpful

Screenshot 2016-05-10 03.52.07Screenshot 2016-05-10 03.52.15

From here I then looked into the muscle structure of the face and I found a really good website into understanding the muscles of the face. It allows you to click on major muscles of the face and it tells you the functions of the muscles.
“The muscles of the head and neck perform many important tasks, including movement of the head and neck, chewing and swallowing, speech, facial expressions, and movement of the eyes. These diverse tasks require both strong, forceful movements and some of the fastest, finest, and most delicate adjustments in the entire human body.

The muscles of the face are unique among groups of muscles in the body. While most muscles connect to and move only bones, facial muscles mostly connect bones to skin…”[1]

Here’s a short video of the site and what information it gives

Within Pinterest I found this piece of modelling which I thought was quite cool, But I knew it wasn’t super helpful. It was good to understand how they went about modelling the head though. Just thought I’d end it on kind of a fun note.



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