Making the Floating City

We kept changing the plans of the floating city a lot, and we were all feeling the time constraints. So I decided to quickly sketch up a few basic idea’s to show the group and see if they liked it so we could start putting together the ideas we had talked about. We thought of meshing futuristic architecture with the traditional architecture of Kaunas. We wanted the futuristic look of it all to hold similarities to the traditional and iconic landmarks in Kaunas.


Sketchbook quick ink ups of what the city’s silhouette could look like. Quick possible designs that wouldn’t be too hard to model. But would need a bit of imagination if anyone were to try and model from these designs.

floating city concept12

I also thought a nice way to contract the city would be out of several blocks that would mesh together to create a form that would then be inhabitable. This would be an experimental design, but I thought it could be fun. Trying to incorporate the stacked buildings that would then be morphed to look like this.


City shapes to help detail what the city could look like. Creating possible Ideas on how it is formed. Finally on the image below and to the right , the concept that my team seem to like the most. It had stacks of buildings hanging from the bottom of the city, then above this there is several pieces of abstract architectural pieces. These form together to make the city. It has floating aspects so as to give it that futuristic mystical feel and finally it has the demons hand grasping the bottom of the cluster to keep the demon narrative relative.


After this my team also drew up a few individual designs which turned out awesome!
From all of  this I then drew up a simple schematic of how the city might be and split I it up into sections for the team to model. They each picked their own bits and I picked the clusters of buildings at the bottom (that is not drawn out the best at the bottom).


It was a rough linear schematic that if I had the time I would have loved to drawn out properly and not have it so fast and straight edged. But we wanted to introduce a slight hint towards the shapes formed my the kaunas fortress and then also by it’s ninth fort )on top) The buildings at the bottom of this were meant to be the slums of the city, it’s to be built out of cheap materials and to look like it was built quickly. It’s meant to look rushed because the city was being prepared for the people to evacuate their own original city as demons were attacking the city. But the demons took over too fast so they had to rush the people onto what was made and from then on the people who couldn’t afford fancy living began making their own living situation and reacting the small houses that were already built.


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