Near the final Schematic outcome

Developing the schematic from rough to final was something that we didn’t really know how to take on, we knew how we would preferably like to to set it out but to then move forward onto the actual software that we would use to present and make it was something  we weren’t sure of.

We heard of this thing called pressi and we were contemplating on using it, but we decided to go with creating our schematic on word documents online instead as it was easy to access and we thought it would be good because all 4 of us could work on it meaning that things would not be as separated.

I started the schematic on google docs late one night just to get the ball rolling and to get used to using google docs. I got into the swing of things but it was very difficult to try and line up the connecting lines with the boxes of text. Everyone then arrived into uni and they were so eager to get started on helping, so it was fantastic! Méabh, John and Dervla all started on the rest as I tried to finish off my bits and then do more presentation work.
Schematic part 1

After creating slightly more than half on the first one and compiling the groups work into one larger stretch of a weird timeline thing.  Dervla took on the rest to put together and it was great!
Schematic 2
I was really happy because we worked as a team to create it all, even if it was not the most beautiful thing to ever have been seen, it was nice to work as a team to get things done!


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