Artefact development

Méabh posted a link to our group of concept art and storyboards from the terminator. It was great to look through for visual inspiration as it had a wide variety of drawings of the making of the terminator. It was good to help with concept art for the artifact as you could adapt their style to help convey the same atmospherical image but with your own design.
I looked at the drawings on this site and then drew my version of the arm up, I was so excited because I had not drawn properly in ages so to draw something up, in my own style felt great!

From this we then went on to to start creating the artefact itself. We decided that we would create the arm using modroc (it’s that type of stuff they use for csts when you break a bone). We had the materials, all we needed next was the arm in which we were going to mold…. And all fingers pointed at John.


We got clingfilm and wrapped it round his arm, creating a barrier between skin and modroc. After this we got a small bowl of water and I cut up the first roll of modroc into little slices, which makes it better to mold around things. Then the busy hand mayhem began, Dervla,  Méabh and I all started to lay the layers on.


We completed the hand and we just had to wait for it to dry so it would keep it’s form. John got a little scared at times, questioning whether his hand will ever be free again, maybe he even reflected on all the good times that him and his hand had when drawing or something, who knows(sad nostalgic hand montage, insert). But it was really fun to do and we had a good time!

While the Modoc was drying on John, we all grouped together and ran through the rough schematic, forming all the pieces together and making sure the timeline flowed right and things happened where we needed them to.
And that’s what you call team time management efficiency…. title too long?!.. I think not!
Woo Go Team!!!


After this we then started to form the hand into  what we wanted it to look like. We wanted the hand to have a rough style to it and to look as though it had been through a lot. We cut the mod roc off Johns arm and let it harden for a while (John had minimal injuries). Once harden slightly more we tore away layers of mod roc from certain parts of the arm. This was to look as though skin had been ripped off.

We also let two fingers off of the hand so as we could replace them with something awesome Méabh made.


After the we then added ink to the inside of the cast (mostly Dervla added the ink) this was to get it prepped for next day work in which we would be painting it.

This was a fun process and it made the arm look really cool, like it was actually becoming something a little more than just a cast.

From here the painting began! I showed up late that day, but when I arrived Dervla, John and Méabh were huddled around the arm painting it! It was great to walk in on and I felt a little awkward approaching because I should have been there form the start. But They seemed in a great place and Dervla looked as though she was in her element.


We had the arm base coat on and the blood starting to form, and it was fuuuuuuuuuun!!! It started to get  little more exciting as  a final outcome! And my team were doing awesome! After this we needed to add in the bionic component of it all which was Méabh’s forte!
She had made the fingers for the hand quite a few days previous to the actual arm development which was fantastic and was really great to see! Plus it motivated the project to move forward as we could see what could be made out of it.

Méabh put all these wires, and amazing things into the arm and it was so cool!! Once all components were added together it was great!!! We got to see the arm as what we were aiming for even though we had high hopes for sculpting and intricate wire forms this was still awesome! And it looked pretty brutal.





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