Artefact concepts

One night Dervla and Méabh came up with the idea for our artefact in which we would make our own attempt of the terminators arm, briefly it came to crossing that we might make the terminators head but e decided the arm might be a better concept.

As people got excited for the Idea we began drawing concepts, Dervla and Méabh were first on the ball with sketching up their concepts that night. They were awesome! As soon as Méabh was home she was posting photos of her concepts and then Dervla was hard at work too with drawing the arm.

I had a little attempt at drawing the arm to begin with but I was pre-occupied with researching for the other project. But i’m super excited to start drawing things up properly for the whole arm!! yeeey finally drawing again!!


I then went on to practice drawing a series of hands (because hands are my enemy).


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