Taking in the plot

As a team we thought the best plan so far would be to each watch the film and take notes while viewing it, which I found difficult to find time for. But once I finally did, it was the early hours of the morning (like 1-2am) and my house was empty, so I could go full sound cinema style for the night.

I didn’t really know what to take notes on, so I basically just wrote down the plot, little detail by little. It kinda made the movie a little more suspenseful because of the plot itself and then the suspense of you trying to keep up with the film while writing.

I also started out a mini timeline thing to help get my brain around how their timelines could cross over and connect and split.

It got a little out of hand with the writing. But it was fuuuun, and  turned out to be very useful to keep the timeline all in order as it’s easy to muddle up.

As back up I also had this link saved of the plot from Terminator just incase things got a little more complicated and confused.






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