Making the Floating City

We kept changing the plans of the floating city a lot, and we were all feeling the time constraints. So I decided to quickly sketch up a few basic idea’s to show the group and see if they liked it so we could start putting together the ideas we had talked about. We thought of meshing futuristic architecture with the traditional architecture of Kaunas. We wanted the futuristic look of it all to hold similarities to the traditional and iconic landmarks in Kaunas.


Sketchbook quick ink ups of what the city’s silhouette could look like. Quick possible designs that wouldn’t be too hard to model. But would need a bit of imagination if anyone were to try and model from these designs.

floating city concept12

I also thought a nice way to contract the city would be out of several blocks that would mesh together to create a form that would then be inhabitable. This would be an experimental design, but I thought it could be fun. Trying to incorporate the stacked buildings that would then be morphed to look like this.


City shapes to help detail what the city could look like. Creating possible Ideas on how it is formed. Finally on the image below and to the right , the concept that my team seem to like the most. It had stacks of buildings hanging from the bottom of the city, then above this there is several pieces of abstract architectural pieces. These form together to make the city. It has floating aspects so as to give it that futuristic mystical feel and finally it has the demons hand grasping the bottom of the cluster to keep the demon narrative relative.


After this my team also drew up a few individual designs which turned out awesome!
From all of  this I then drew up a simple schematic of how the city might be and split I it up into sections for the team to model. They each picked their own bits and I picked the clusters of buildings at the bottom (that is not drawn out the best at the bottom).


It was a rough linear schematic that if I had the time I would have loved to drawn out properly and not have it so fast and straight edged. But we wanted to introduce a slight hint towards the shapes formed my the kaunas fortress and then also by it’s ninth fort )on top) The buildings at the bottom of this were meant to be the slums of the city, it’s to be built out of cheap materials and to look like it was built quickly. It’s meant to look rushed because the city was being prepared for the people to evacuate their own original city as demons were attacking the city. But the demons took over too fast so they had to rush the people onto what was made and from then on the people who couldn’t afford fancy living began making their own living situation and reacting the small houses that were already built.


Nina Lindgren

So Lorna posted a variety of links of a range of artists to our group page for the floating city project, and this was one of my favourites!!

Nina Lindgren creates a range of illustrations and cool sculptures. She plays with form of construct quite a lot with messing with the general dimensions of the normality of what the building normally is. It’s a beautifully simple concept and we could take inspiration from this video as a way to construct the bottom part to our city! The block shapes put at various different levels help create the sense of an overcrowded appearance. Definitely worth a wee watch.



Kaunas Fortress

So I started looking more into the weirder fun side of Kaunas and finding more interesting bits of it instead of the statistics of things (which I know are still very important) I then stumbled across this video of these guys exploring the Kaunas Fortress!

It turns out that part of the Fortress is filled with water because of poor drainage, people go swimming and diving there.

I then took to google images, of course, to see more of what this huge Fortress had to offer within its nine forts. I came across this image I loved, of a guy who had journeyed in to the fourth fort and took a couple of photos, my favourite in particular was a piece of art that I think he had done within it. But unfortunately he did not give much information along with his nice photographs, it would have been great to know if the artwork in the photo was his, and how he liked his adventures in the fortress. But I guess the story is up to you noooow

After reading up about the Kaunas Fortress I found it had this intense deep dark background and past! And it’s strange to see its current state now compared to what it is used for in the past.

“Kaunas Fortress (Lithuanian: Kauno tvirtovė, Russian: Кοвенская крепость) is the remains of a fortress complex in Kaunas,Lithuania. It was constructed and renovated between 1882 and 1915 to protect the Russian Empire‘s western borders, and was designated a “first-class” fortress in 1887. During World War I, the complex was the largest defensive structure in the entire state, occupying 65 km2 (25 sq mi).[1]

The fortress was battle-tested in 1915 when Germany attacked the Russian Empire, and withstood eleven days of assault before capture. After World War I, the fortress’ military importance declined as advances in weaponry rendered it increasingly obsolete. It was used by various civil institutions and as a garrison.

During World War II, parts of the fortress complex were used by the Nazi Germany for detention, interrogation, and execution. About 50,000 people were executed there, including more than 30,000 victims of the Holocaust. Some sections have since been restored; the Ninth Fort houses a museum and memorial devoted to the victims of wartime mass executions. The complex is the most complete remaining example of a Russian Empire fortress.[1]“.



Initial Ideas For floating city

We finally gathered for a team meeting! Michelle had been busy and had already came up with a few ideas! One of which was a long story that she was quite excited to tell us about!

When I initially was trying to sketch up ideas for floating city I felt very stuck and stranded for ideas. The most common thing that kept coming to my head was the usual piece of land that had a few buildings on top floating in the sky. It’s extremely over done and I wanted to try and come up with something original with my team. But these are the few sketches I got done with some basic research behind them. (drawing not very original ideas unfortunately)

One Idea I had was to have a circular shape floating in the sea and it would dip inwards, on the walls of the dip in the way would be loads of nature covering them. Then at the centre of the circular shape there would be the city.
An Idea that I wanted to explore was Kaunas’ Environmental nature. They showed through research hat they are found of looking after their nature and I thought an Idea for a floating city could consist around that. This idea was that the city would be inside a “glass” nearly spherical container and it had a suction element that would pull in air from the atmosphere around them and filter it bringing it into the city container and then it would push it back out again through another ventilation system, the force of the air coming back out again would keep the city afloat, obviously the air would need to come out in more that one it so it would have equal distribution o air so that the city would stay balanced. Inside they would have more of the land cover in nature and no human actually lives on that part, the people actually live in these building clusters about the nature so as to keep the nature carefully looked after and that it would not get damaged by population.
There wasn’t much narrative to my idea and the team were’t too fond of it. I kind of wanted to explore a more in-depth science feel to the whole thing because it’s something that I thought could be a seed and it would give enough foundation to build a funner narrative off.

But Michelle had an idea about a Vortex appearing and the floating city was within that and we decided  to go with that. We ended up expanding on how the vortex came to be, where did it come from, how do you access it? It was a fun idea and something we seemed to get a bit more excited about with in the process! To complete this Idea Michelle wrote a story.

Michelle’s Story!
Sweat poured from the scientists forehead as she pulled the cart towards the bridge. The roads surface was full of potholes and debris, causing the cart to shutter and dip through the streets of old kaunas. The bridge was in view now, it’s framework bent, rusted and crumbling. Only a few feet was left of the road before it stopped, revealing a gigantic crater. The scientist released the handle of the cart and straightened her back, dabbing her forehead with the sleeve of her white lab coat. The mask she wore was suffocating, but to discard it would be perilous.
A loud clank of a metal can made the scientist jump in surprise. A dog stepped out from behind an abandoned military truck, tongue licking its muzzle savouring whatever was in the can. Realising it was not alone, a growl creeped up from its throat as it’s eyes locked onto the scientist, crazed and ravenous. Foam oozed from its mouth as teeth were bared and it’s thin, flea infested body took a step forward. The scientist pitied the creature, but could do nothing for it. With slow movements she released the gun from its holder and aimed at the ravenous dog. The dog took a running leap, jaw snapping and foam spraying the ground. A loud pop and the crushing thud of a body signalled the end of a tragic life. The scientist turned from the body and continued to pull the cart towards the bridges edge.
The crater was huge and seemingly endless. Where the entrance of Kaunas city was, now held nothing. The world around it withered and died, but Kaunas did not. A ripple in the air at the entrance of the bridge was the only way of knowing.
Kaunas city survived.
With a step over the edge, the scientist felt a cool breeze replacing the suffocating heat of the earth’s atmosphere. Were was once an endless space now stood the rest of the bridge. It’s frame strong and study, with no rust or missing parts. Were her feet expected to feel only air, a smooth ground met the soles of her shoes, the carts wheels now moving effortlessly. The scientist stopped as she was approached from all sides, barrels of guns pointing in her direction. She slowly raised her arms and allowed her cart to be wheeled away for checking and her lab coat searched. This procedure was a necessity and routine for the scientist. Coming back to the floating city of Kaunas was a delicate procedure and precautions must be taken to ensure no unwanted guests intruded.
The floating city held around 299,500 residents. All of which originated from earth’s kaunas city that was once a great city in Lithuania. During the invasion and destruction of the planet, scientists and military had made a desperate attempt to protect the city using prototype weapons that had not been fully tested. What happened after the first wave of firing could not have been predicted. A scale of 157km2 of land was ripped from earth and sucked into a vortex. The whole of Kaunas city was left floating in a void, alone but safe.
That was over 10 years ago.
There are several portal like doors that the vortex is still connected to, one of which the scientist had just used. Only restricted personnel is allowed to use them, for research and gathering equipment. The floating city is completely depended. The residents have adapted to this lifestyle, growing their own crops and live stock. Power is generated from wind turbines and light. And housing have been adapted to hold future generations.

Kaunas Legends

I began looking videos up on youtube of Kaunas, just random ones, and I stumbled upon one that had two girls talking about the city, at the beginning one talked about legends within Kaunas Castle and I thought this would be an interesting thing to explore about the city and see if there were more legends about places within the city.


I thought an interesting concept would be to explore the legends of the city, and maybe in one Idea make them “come to life”.

Terminator presentation

The Terminator 1984

For our presentation I was pretty nervous, especially because of the obis mol of my last presentation. My group were great though, we sat down and did a little practice and planned out the presentation more than last time.

I formed the presentation and set it up and John started the main components of writing which was fantastic because starting a blank presentation is always daunting!! Also John is just fantastic at getting the wordy stuff started!!

After seeing everyone else’s presentation we could have put a little more sparkle on all our work and made the presentation something a little more entertaining as it would keep things interesting for people to look  at! But looking at everyone else’s was something that was educational and helpful into how to approach the whole scary task that is presentations!


Final Schematic

We each helped out to form the schematic and after seeing everyone else’s we could have done better but this is still good and it makes sense! And it was great to get feedback as we know how to approach things in less of the task like manor and more of a graphical sense which would have made creating the schematic a lot more enjoyable. Buuuuuuuuut here is out little schematic which is not beautiful but it has the information behind it and it makes sense!! wooooo wooooop !!!
Final Schematic