Looking up examples

So by the time I felt like I had enough information and understanding in my head to actually be of any use to my team in the presentation, there was already a lot done. I should have asked them to leave me some slides so I could just do them in my own time, but I just was not on the ball. There was one slide left and it was examples for meeting the Mentor, which was good! I sat down and started doing that, which wasn’t a super huge task so I still felt pretty guilty and Ryan was sitting with me so we were having fun doing that too!

We came up with

  • Star wars: Obi wan Kenobi
  • Bilbo meets Gandalf
  • Whiplash: Andrew Neiman meets Terence Fletcher
  • Tenacious D: Kyle Gass teaches Jack Black the ways of Rock
  • Rocky
  • Lord of the Rings, Frodo meets the high elf Galadriel
  • Karate kid: Daniel Larusso Mr.Miyagi
  • Kill Bill Volume 1: Hattori Hanso, samurai trainer
  • Professor Oak: Pokemon
  • Django meeting Dr.King Schultz

    Dervla came in while we were doing this and put a few in as well!! it was good fun, but I wish I did more work. 



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