The Call to Adventure! And the Call to reading!

So our team have decided that we should read all the chapters that we were given, which seems like a great plan instead of splitting them up between us. It means that we have an understanding of what we are all talking about rather than the work all being segregated. But while I was all excited for this plan, I forgot about my actual reading skills and how long it was going to take me to even understand what I was reading.. I didn’t really say to my team about how terrifying this task was to me, but I probably should have.

I began trying to read the small amount of pages that we have and all I can say is that it was painful. The book seemed interesting but the words were just not sticking in my head. I sat and wasted 2 and a half hours reading 10 pages, and by the end of it I hadn’t a clue about what I had just read. It was ridiculous and I felt like I was wasting so much time doing a task that should be quite easy for someone.

I sat again with a pen and paper reading each page at a time, trying to take notes on anything that seemed important, but nothing was jumping out, even though the words I was probably reading were the most important. Just a big word blur at the time.

I think if I was doing the project on my own, it wouldn’t have been so stressful because I know how poop I am and I can keep that between me and the tutors, but because I was in a team, and I didn’t want to tell them how awful I am at things, then it was extra stress because they just probably think I’m a lazy team member and that kills.


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