The Writer’s Journey: Christopher Vogler

So we got our first assignment!! woooohoo!!
We were split off into groups of four to read a book called “the writer’s journey” we had to read it as a class so our team (Dervla, John, Méabh and I) was assigned a few chapters to read between us. We got 3 chapters: The call to adventure, Refusal to call and meeting the mentor! (pages 99-125).

This task seemed kind of daunting to me as reading and writing and anything involving words, really, I tend to try and avoid as I find it quite difficult to formulate sentences that actually make sense never mind reading them.

But I am determined to try my best and to not let my team down because I want this semester to be a little more organised and hopefully i’m able to stay on top of stuff, even if it is reading and writing..


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