First day baaack!

The “holidays” are over and sooo we return!! The first day back to uni and it was a busy one filled with updates about what’s in store for our semester to come! All I heard was there was a lot of reading and writing in the weeks to come and I was not super excited. But it was good to see everyone and start learning things again.

For the first while we were being introduced to new narratives. Honestly I’m a little confused about it all and I seem to be in creative elements mindset still. All I could think about was drawing, waiting for the words to be spoken “and here’s what you’ll be creating” Nothing. Didn’t happen. I was so confused my ooooooh my.

But all was well as we began getting a tutorial from Conánn of how to use Maya and make a ball bounce in an alternative way from the way we were originally taught.

An intimidating yet fun first day back, we’ve already got work to do and there’s no drawing involved! Buuuuut that’s good too because I just get to keep drawing things from my brain yaaaaaaaaay!! Brain draws!!

So If you’re having a bad day or just a stressful one or just need a little inspiration/escape take a look at these awesome photos of snowy, tree surrounded mountains 

Also take a wee look at this beautiful video of Iceland and just get motivated to get on a plane and adventure there!




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