Final Animation- Domination!

This is the final animation that I created for the opening for our presentation. It is just to show slightly how the game is set up and maybe played, it also shows the game field and the two characters that this game was designed around.

Within this animation I drew out every frame, till the last scene where I used photoshop timeline when I finally stopped being scared of using it. I also drew out all the backgrounds, characters and everything else. The only bit that was not created  by  me was the typography that Even designed for the end saying “domination”, which turned out lovely. I also edited it all and also inserted the sound. Even found the sound, but I couldn’t find her source for it unfortunately, but I believe it was from a free sound source.

I think it turned out okay, but I would have loved to been able to spend more time on it to make it a little better and it would have probably made more sense.


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