Writing the story for hell!!

I began to type up a brief story of where this game derived from and how it was formed.. here is a little bit of the story so far!

There were two brothers, during their mortal life they both craved control and empowerment, they each seized opportunities to manipulate the weaker population into what the two power craving brothers wanted, it became a battle between the two men to see who could become the ruler of their world… But death caught them before they could finish their battle and they landed in Limbo..

They wandered through Limbo trying to find species to control to satisfy their cravings. But the land was a vast emptiness all they had was each other and their internal hatred for one another.
As they sat and slowly gave up a small character appeared through the icy ground. The two men looked at it curiously and then at each other, thinking to themselves that they were going to grab him first. But instead of their normal abrupt greediness taking control over their bodies they just looked at him.. The character walked and they followed it pointed to one side of the this huge landscape and one of the huge men walked over there, then the other stayed put…
The little character lifted his arms and flapped his coat with one vigorous swoop, it blew snow from the ground to reveal a wide open rocky terrain.. The ground started to shake and then two circular podiums lifted from either side of the field, each containing a few cages hangning from them with creepy creatures trapped inside of them … The men hit the ground with their hands and large rocky slabs that resembled similar appearances to cards grew from the ground. they suspended in the air in front of the grotesque mens… let the games begin!

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