Life drawing research!

Michael gave us a few people to look into for research prior to us beginning the ink week. It should help with understanding the use of definite line work and also with how use line to create shadow.

Charles Dana Gibson was the first I looked up, they created the Gibson girl who became very popular. The line work within these pieces at first look a little frantic, but as you look closer you can realise that the line placement was very purposeful and they had a great understanding of form when approaching it with ink.

From this I then went on to look into Mort Drucker who drew up these weird characatures and they also drew up comics. Their line work was much more open and less focused on the shading and more focused on the outer line work .

Last of all, I looked into Dave Gibbons, he illustrated comics. His line work was a lot more harsh, and he used the contrasting shades to really define the form.




I just can’t escape hell! Let the games begin!!

So, today we got changed into a new group! I was excited to start a new project, but I was returning to hell and that was good too! The whole ordeal was pretty intense though because we were getting picked one at a time and it was like p.e class and you fear getting picked last. But my friend Jonny was there to save the day (woohooo) and I wasn’t left for too long before he picked me .

So, the new team consists of Jonny, Even, Samantha and myself! I’m pretty excited because for the new project we get to create a game that the characters within our world would play!

Things we need to cover in the weeks to come:

  • A game played within the world
  • The culture
  • The history as to why the game is played
  • Narrative?
  • Designs

We first thought of the original plan that we would continue with the perspective of the lost soul going through each layer, completing tasks and finally battling with the creatures. But I thought it might be interesting to switch the perspective round on the whole thing and let us see why the creatures do what they do, more of their culture and more of their personalities!I proposed the idea to the rest of my group and they seemed really up for it. Any way I’ll talk more about the Ideas progress in another post because it’s good to split too many words up into two different posts, right? yeaaaa..

So Yes! All in all it was a good day, moved to a good new group (still sad to leave my last one though), a new world (that I have been in before), aaaaand a fun new project that has sooo much that we can do! And I’m really excited to just work and create and make something new! yey!

Final Motion Graphic!!

Look at what my awesome team and I created and it all came together in just an entire day!!

So throughout the coming together of the final motion graphic there was a lot of problems, firstly the writing for some reason went a little pixelated so we had to try and edit that to make it a little clearer, then, when trying to place the walk cycles of our little girl character on top of the circle and background she would show up on a black square and it wouldn’t delete. Then a lot of other stuff happened due to that and trying to fix it. Which consumed a bunch of our time.

We ended up staying in uni until 2.30am trying to just make the piece look the way it does now and we would have loved to clear it up a lot more, but for the effort and strain that everyone went through I think the final outcome was pretty good.

Because of the time straint on the imagery, the sound took a hit, and we ended up putting in a few popping sound effects (which is what we originally planned) and then we also put one of my favourite little songs on top of it all, which is called her morning elegance. But although we would have loved to make our own little soundtrack the song we picked worked out well as it sums up the whole atmosphere that we wanted to create with this.

All in all I’m pretty happy with what we made, going to super miss this team when we all split up tomorrow as they are all such amazing, honest, hard working, creative people that are just generally great and we seem to understand each other really well! Good end to a good team!

Here’s that song “her morning elegance”
The video is pretty cool as it’s all stop motion so I suggest anyone reading this give it a wee listen and a watch!


For the final clip!

We wanted to have a scene at the end of our motion graphic that shows all ours names, like a credit list. But we were running out of time and we didn’t know how to do it with the limited time we had. Then Eoin showed me a sketch he did earlier of a marble with all our names inside of it and it was amazing! So we decided to use that! Here’s the sketch!


I took the sketch and drew it up digitally so we could animate it! We decided to make it all white and the put it on a black background so as it stood out a lot.
Here it is!
He was silly and made my name really big, which was probably unintentional, but He should have made his own name the largest because he did super loads and was great!

The rest of the team’s designs and how it all came together

Wow long title….

Anyway The team did loads!

Eoin came up with various amazing concepts to develop his layer of the volcano and we had a wide selection to chose from for the final piece.

Lina Drew up her awesome designs for the city layer

Lina also came up with a cool Idea that the typography could be included in the circle and could tell a story as it rotates! Thus including typography into the whole piece!

We all instantly fell in love with this idea and Lorna and I hopped right on it to start making it come to life, we wrote out a story and sent it to Lina to develop, she picked out a section of the story that best described the whole piece and she made lots of concepts on how it would be written and looked.

In the background of all this concept stuff Lorna was working on insanely class walk cycles of our main girl, but this can all be saved to see in the final piece!!


More messing about!

So we need to develop some typography for our motion graphic, something that adapts to the whole piece well. So I started to mess about with triangles and colours on my laptop. (I really should invest in getting photoshop, because currently I’m using GIMP2 and it is useful but you get a little restricted using it sometimes)

I then wanted to play with composition and develop it into a small animation but I ran out of time .

marble test 3

And then I just messed even more with windows movie maker and wrong dimensions.