Research’n Research’n Rheasearching!! (wooot woot)

After all the planning on what we want the mediums of the outcomes to be, we then began looking into what we wanted the actual game to consist of soooooo it’s that time of the project when we research, research… RESEARCH!!

We began with the normal things; Board games, games children play and more of that genre! We didn’t find lots that interested us so we thought we would look less into real world games and more into fantasy games, because that would be more fitting of what we were trying to conceive.

Within our findings we found 3 main contenders,



Adventure time Card wars
Which I will talk way more about on the post after this!!!!

After revising our findings we noticed that all the games we looked in to were all about cards! But we were in hell, we didn’t want a plain old card game!! So we loved the sense of wonderment behind these games!! The sense of more!

Looking into these games was the bests thing to do, especially cards wars as it had so much to offer!!


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