So after that mega Idea session, and when my group arrived I proposed all of the ideas to them and they liked them all. We discussed it further and we decided to go with the one with the two creatures playing the game at the beginning and this is what created hell. They also liked the juxtaposing idea of which the characters would do their day job, terrifying lost souls, all day and then to chill they would group together to then play a really cute game to ” de-stress” from the whole thing and take their anger out in that.

That day Jonny also had this awesome idea of these smoke war things, where characters from each level would set fires to create smoke, the smoke would come out as an adaption of the colours of their world and it would be a competition so see which group of people from a level could fill the sky first with their colour of smoke.  It was such an awesome idea and we wanted to include it as well. Then after that I also had the idea of the creatures creating a game out of torturing characters, they would spend their days trying to gain ‘points’ to see who could get the most scares out of the lost souls, you got extra points if the souls gave up and  even more if the souls got trapped in your level for eternity.

As a team we initially were going to try and fit all three/four games into the final outcome of which we had started to discuss as well.

Initially we were going to create a whole narrative and abundance of work that can support the narrative that ties all the things we have learnt over previous weeks together..
For the backstory of the two godlike creatures playing the game we were going to create an animation that showed how that developed and where their game came from.

After that we were going to create a motion graphic on how the smoke game was played, as it could be very graphical and would be extremely fun to experiment with.

Then we decided that we would draw a bunch of designs and concepts of the scoreboard and how the point system would work for that.

Last but not least (because there is lots) we were going to create a comic strip of the characters all playing the cutesie game to then tie the whole thing together of it connecting to the past and first initial game. We wanted to create a comic strip as we thought this would add extra quirkiness to the  essence of the whole scene as we would be able to add in dialogue of what the characters were saying and express a lot more that just their expressions.

Throughout all of this we were also going to do storyboards, concepts and various sketchy designs, so as we had developed everything to the best standards we could!!!

Big plans for a big couple of weeks!! woop woop, exciting!


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