Life drawing research!

Michael gave us a few people to look into for research prior to us beginning the ink week. It should help with understanding the use of definite line work and also with how use line to create shadow.

Charles Dana Gibson was the first I looked up, they created the Gibson girl who became very popular. The line work within these pieces at first look a little frantic, but as you look closer you can realise that the line placement was very purposeful and they had a great understanding of form when approaching it with ink.

From this I then went on to look into Mort Drucker who drew up these weird characatures and they also drew up comics. Their line work was much more open and less focused on the shading and more focused on the outer line work .

Last of all, I looked into Dave Gibbons, he illustrated comics. His line work was a lot more harsh, and he used the contrasting shades to really define the form.




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