Ideas for the games!

Initially when hearing about the games within the world my brain was popping with ideas, and I was frantically searching for paper to write them down on, because there is usually paper everywhere and the one day I am in desperate need for it I can’t find it anywhere near by!

Anyway.. getting completely off topic!
Once the talking in the room had stopped and it was time for us as a group to discuss various ideas my mind went blank. Maybe it was the new group + stage fright? Or everyone else was saying their ideas and I was trying to keep them in my head and each new idea pushed one of mine out of my head ( because that’s how brains work, we all know it hurhurhur). But this resulted in a lot of discussion of everyone else ideas, while I sat there trying to talk about them and also trying to remember my own.

Samantha was very enthusiastic about creating a video game for hell, which we all would enjoy making and it would be super fun! But I thought that it didn’t seem like a game that would be played in hell as it hell hasn’t been designed to support video games and technology, everything up until this point was very raw, and organic within hell. The world was powerful without the use of electronic power. I suggested that we could even try designing a video game style prospect, where we would approach the design of the game as if it was a video game but have a twist to it? where there would be no actual electronic devices and the characters would be controlled by the more powerful creatures. (but I still thought we should search more for ideas, because hell has so much to offer)

We all thought that since hell had kind of been designed with the idea of games within each layer, that we could go with that, because all these weeks had been developing the prospects of that. But again, I thought, since that had kind of been developed a lot throughout the weeks and we had two weeks to cover this. then why continue? why not try and create something brand new with a new perspective to it?! Because it would give everyone a little motivation to get their brains going and use their imaginations so we could have a lot more fun with this.  I said this to my team and they agreed! So we continued trying to think of ideas ( I still don’t know if that was the right decision or not, but who knooooows)

There were so many other Ideas discussed but my brain is a little bit of a mess and isn’t holding things in it like its usual spongy self, sorry about that.

Because it had been a super long day for all of us, when ended up calling it a day and planned to think of more ideas at home and post about it on the facebook page and to also regroup the next day!

It was  stressful day/week, and if you are having one too, why not listen to this? It’s the coraline soundtrack, and it for some reason chills my brain right out, so it might do it for others… again, who knows? (Give it a wee listen anyway)


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