I just can’t escape hell! Let the games begin!!

So, today we got changed into a new group! I was excited to start a new project, but I was returning to hell and that was good too! The whole ordeal was pretty intense though because we were getting picked one at a time and it was like p.e class and you fear getting picked last. But my friend Jonny was there to save the day (woohooo) and I wasn’t left for too long before he picked me .

So, the new team consists of Jonny, Even, Samantha and myself! I’m pretty excited because for the new project we get to create a game that the characters within our world would play!

Things we need to cover in the weeks to come:

  • A game played within the world
  • The culture
  • The history as to why the game is played
  • Narrative?
  • Designs

We first thought of the original plan that we would continue with the perspective of the lost soul going through each layer, completing tasks and finally battling with the creatures. But I thought it might be interesting to switch the perspective round on the whole thing and let us see why the creatures do what they do, more of their culture and more of their personalities!I proposed the idea to the rest of my group and they seemed really up for it. Any way I’ll talk more about the Ideas progress in another post because it’s good to split too many words up into two different posts, right? yeaaaa..

So Yes! All in all it was a good day, moved to a good new group (still sad to leave my last one though), a new world (that I have been in before), aaaaand a fun new project that has sooo much that we can do! And I’m really excited to just work and create and make something new! yey!


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