Final Motion Graphic!!

Look at what my awesome team and I created and it all came together in just an entire day!!

So throughout the coming together of the final motion graphic there was a lot of problems, firstly the writing for some reason went a little pixelated so we had to try and edit that to make it a little clearer, then, when trying to place the walk cycles of our little girl character on top of the circle and background she would show up on a black square and it wouldn’t delete. Then a lot of other stuff happened due to that and trying to fix it. Which consumed a bunch of our time.

We ended up staying in uni until 2.30am trying to just make the piece look the way it does now and we would have loved to clear it up a lot more, but for the effort and strain that everyone went through I think the final outcome was pretty good.

Because of the time straint on the imagery, the sound took a hit, and we ended up putting in a few popping sound effects (which is what we originally planned) and then we also put one of my favourite little songs on top of it all, which is called her morning elegance. But although we would have loved to make our own little soundtrack the song we picked worked out well as it sums up the whole atmosphere that we wanted to create with this.

All in all I’m pretty happy with what we made, going to super miss this team when we all split up tomorrow as they are all such amazing, honest, hard working, creative people that are just generally great and we seem to understand each other really well! Good end to a good team!

Here’s that song “her morning elegance”
The video is pretty cool as it’s all stop motion so I suggest anyone reading this give it a wee listen and a watch!



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