The rest of the team’s designs and how it all came together

Wow long title….

Anyway The team did loads!

Eoin came up with various amazing concepts to develop his layer of the volcano and we had a wide selection to chose from for the final piece.

Lina Drew up her awesome designs for the city layer

Lina also came up with a cool Idea that the typography could be included in the circle and could tell a story as it rotates! Thus including typography into the whole piece!

We all instantly fell in love with this idea and Lorna and I hopped right on it to start making it come to life, we wrote out a story and sent it to Lina to develop, she picked out a section of the story that best described the whole piece and she made lots of concepts on how it would be written and looked.

In the background of all this concept stuff Lorna was working on insanely class walk cycles of our main girl, but this can all be saved to see in the final piece!!



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