Let the Motion Graphic begin!

Okay, it’s not really starting to have motion or anything yet but we are on the way to creating our piece!

After The first few days of us sitting a little bit dumbfounded and Lorna working her butt off sketching up ideas and posting various links to try and instigate some inspiration for us all, it finally happened! Friday!
We all sat together on the sofa  and started looking up videos such as monsters inc intro, motion graphic pieces and then we found loads more, Which I will post at a later stage.

Looking at these motion graphic pieces helped us a bunch because we understood how everything worked and how we could start to create and make ours come to life.

The main elements we want our piece to have in it:

  • the main little girl
  • the three layers shown
  • an upbeat atmosphere
  • Typography to match the theme
  • sound effects and music that pull it all together

We wanted to keep it all quite simple because usually motion graphic pieces are quite simple themselves, so that was the main goal.

The plan Ahead!

The goal is to create a circular piece rotating and having the little girl walking on it, the three layers would come up at different stages and she would react differently to each of them. The sky would rotate in the background to match the scenes and the whole piece would have an upbeat atmosphere to go along with the little girls adventure.


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