Return to Marble World!

So guess who is all still in a team together!! Lorna, Lina, Myself and Eoin (woohooo) Niamh unfortunately got moved to another team, we’re sad about that, but we’re still happy we have some of us left!!

So aside from all that we got a new project and a new world. We all got moved to Marble world, which Lorna and I had already worked on before, designing the characters and trying to develop the world. But a lot has changed since then and the new project is focusing on creating a motion graphic piece, which should be interesting.

The main Idea behind this project is to create a piece of work that sums up the basis of the world, maybe having it be a trailer or an opening sequence. I was kind of excited to start but nothing was popping to my head like it usually does, so the first day started a little slowly.

We’re all a little burned out at the moment so we weren’t as enthusiastic to start work as we usually were, but we had faith that we would get it done like we usually do.

Here’s a link to a nice song from wes andersons, The Royal tenenbaums. (If you haven’t seen that movie you probably should and then the rest of his films) Enjoy!


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