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Life drawing-week 9

This week we tested out drawing gestures again, we were focusing on trying to get down the information. I enjoyed working on a smaller scale and thus I decided to do my 3 gestures on on page (well about 3)

Also attempted a few other poses on a slightly larger scale.

P1070036 - Copy


Adventure time Cards Wars!!

I thought of card wars as it had a sense of magic to it and also a lot of interesting qualities to it that we could read into! I found various links to show my group and to explain an idea alongside with the research!

I first showed them part of the episode that first had card wars in it! Flip I loved this episode of adventure time because when I was younger always wanted things to come to life and then I saw this game in adventure time and I just wanted it to be real!! It’s so adorable and amazing at the same time!

And then I remembered that there was an actual game made about it that you can play on the computer! you can play it with your friends or just the computer! So I looked into that and found a few things


Research’n Research’n Rheasearching!! (wooot woot)

After all the planning on what we want the mediums of the outcomes to be, we then began looking into what we wanted the actual game to consist of soooooo it’s that time of the project when we research, research… RESEARCH!!

We began with the normal things; Board games, games children play and more of that genre! We didn’t find lots that interested us so we thought we would look less into real world games and more into fantasy games, because that would be more fitting of what we were trying to conceive.

Within our findings we found 3 main contenders,



Adventure time Card wars
Which I will talk way more about on the post after this!!!!

After revising our findings we noticed that all the games we looked in to were all about cards! But we were in hell, we didn’t want a plain old card game!! So we loved the sense of wonderment behind these games!! The sense of more!

Looking into these games was the bests thing to do, especially cards wars as it had so much to offer!!


So after that mega Idea session, and when my group arrived I proposed all of the ideas to them and they liked them all. We discussed it further and we decided to go with the one with the two creatures playing the game at the beginning and this is what created hell. They also liked the juxtaposing idea of which the characters would do their day job, terrifying lost souls, all day and then to chill they would group together to then play a really cute game to ” de-stress” from the whole thing and take their anger out in that.

That day Jonny also had this awesome idea of these smoke war things, where characters from each level would set fires to create smoke, the smoke would come out as an adaption of the colours of their world and it would be a competition so see which group of people from a level could fill the sky first with their colour of smoke.  It was such an awesome idea and we wanted to include it as well. Then after that I also had the idea of the creatures creating a game out of torturing characters, they would spend their days trying to gain ‘points’ to see who could get the most scares out of the lost souls, you got extra points if the souls gave up and  even more if the souls got trapped in your level for eternity.

As a team we initially were going to try and fit all three/four games into the final outcome of which we had started to discuss as well.

Initially we were going to create a whole narrative and abundance of work that can support the narrative that ties all the things we have learnt over previous weeks together..
For the backstory of the two godlike creatures playing the game we were going to create an animation that showed how that developed and where their game came from.

After that we were going to create a motion graphic on how the smoke game was played, as it could be very graphical and would be extremely fun to experiment with.

Then we decided that we would draw a bunch of designs and concepts of the scoreboard and how the point system would work for that.

Last but not least (because there is lots) we were going to create a comic strip of the characters all playing the cutesie game to then tie the whole thing together of it connecting to the past and first initial game. We wanted to create a comic strip as we thought this would add extra quirkiness to the  essence of the whole scene as we would be able to add in dialogue of what the characters were saying and express a lot more that just their expressions.

Throughout all of this we were also going to do storyboards, concepts and various sketchy designs, so as we had developed everything to the best standards we could!!!

Big plans for a big couple of weeks!! woop woop, exciting!

More Idea Days!!!

So I decided to come in really early on wednesday and start work because I wanted to get the ball rolling. I arrived in and sat with my sketchbook and a pencil and started jotting down every single thing that came to mind, even if I thought it was the most stupidest thing, it was getting written down.

So it begins!

Frantically creating a mess in my once “slightly tidy” sketchbook.
I thought about how the sense of scale would be fun to look into with the game, so if the creatures were huuuuge and the game pieces were little, they would have a hard time picking them up, or if creatures in the world were really little and the pieces were the same as before they would have to tackle the game pieces to make them move. The initial ideas were all about how characters within hell would approach the game differently to each other, like some might move pieces with their tongue ooor others might get really angry and punch pieces, their pieces could even be broken or shattered and they would still have to play with them?

The characters all hold different physical attributes + abilities, so I thought that maybe the game could focus around trying to highlight their variety of physical abilities.

I also thought about a Hell Olympics? That hell could have once been divided and their olympics brought them together again, to motivate each other for another year of torturing  lost souls? To regroup the 9 circles after a year of hard work.


Another thing I explored was the creation of the 9 circles of hell, because it hadn’t really been discussed a lot and I thought it would be good for the history and culture part of this project.  The Idea behind this drawing about  was that two ‘Creatures’ were playing the game for the first ever time and one gets really super angry.   He punches the ground with rage, and from the the ground shakes, it begins to crack open, the vibrations travel deep into the rocky terrain. The split in the ground gets wider and elements of the game begin to fall through the crack…

The point of this was to give back story to the game (that we are yet to properly create hehe.. but it’s only day 2, so it’s all good) This would explain where the game came from and could give an even deeper meaning behind it all as it shows where hell derived from. It also continues to connect it all as the characters of the game can play a similar game? Or a game with pieces in it that look like the two creatures from the ancient history, so it would kind of be like role reversal?


After that I thought I should try and think about the actual game a bit more. The first thing I explored was the fact that hell is all about lost souls being trapped there, so we could base the game around the lost souls, and the manipulation of the souls.
The creatures from hell could have a game that they blew the lost souls through an obstacle course. Or the Creatures from each level could come together once a year and take part in the original game (the one that every other group has expanded on) And the creatures would play the layers like the lost souls would.. just to see if they could do it? And if they couldn’t then they wouldn’t be allowed to have their level open to the lost souls as they were not deserving of them.

Another perspective change! woop woop!!

I began exploring the fun quirky side of what we could start creating and thought it might be awesome if we could juxtapose the whole thing… so the creatures of hell, that create havoc all day long, and are seen as these big scary angry things, could then actually be really nice.. And their torturing could actually just be their day job!  Where they put these long long hours in and then finally once their job is over for the day they group together as friends and chill and play their game (aaaaaah bet you didn’t think I was going to talk about the game there because I am always going off on tangents, it all connects!!!).
I thought that we could even take it one step further and have the creatures group together as buddies and sit down all seriously around this little tiny table all angry and  then we can go in to see what they are playing and it’s this little tiny cutesy game, with baby pink and blue game pieces, with fluffy cloud elements and unicorns and rainbows and whatever else in adorable.
This could show the personalities of the creatures and that they are actually trapped in hell just as much as anyone else there and they yearn for a different, nicer environment to spend their days.

Okay I have another 50million Ideas that I could discuss, but this post has went on too long and I really should just stick with this lot for now!! Sorry for the essay well done if you got through this all, here’s a fun song to listen to as a reward!!


Ideas for the games!

Initially when hearing about the games within the world my brain was popping with ideas, and I was frantically searching for paper to write them down on, because there is usually paper everywhere and the one day I am in desperate need for it I can’t find it anywhere near by!

Anyway.. getting completely off topic!
Once the talking in the room had stopped and it was time for us as a group to discuss various ideas my mind went blank. Maybe it was the new group + stage fright? Or everyone else was saying their ideas and I was trying to keep them in my head and each new idea pushed one of mine out of my head ( because that’s how brains work, we all know it hurhurhur). But this resulted in a lot of discussion of everyone else ideas, while I sat there trying to talk about them and also trying to remember my own.

Samantha was very enthusiastic about creating a video game for hell, which we all would enjoy making and it would be super fun! But I thought that it didn’t seem like a game that would be played in hell as it hell hasn’t been designed to support video games and technology, everything up until this point was very raw, and organic within hell. The world was powerful without the use of electronic power. I suggested that we could even try designing a video game style prospect, where we would approach the design of the game as if it was a video game but have a twist to it? where there would be no actual electronic devices and the characters would be controlled by the more powerful creatures. (but I still thought we should search more for ideas, because hell has so much to offer)

We all thought that since hell had kind of been designed with the idea of games within each layer, that we could go with that, because all these weeks had been developing the prospects of that. But again, I thought, since that had kind of been developed a lot throughout the weeks and we had two weeks to cover this. then why continue? why not try and create something brand new with a new perspective to it?! Because it would give everyone a little motivation to get their brains going and use their imaginations so we could have a lot more fun with this.  I said this to my team and they agreed! So we continued trying to think of ideas ( I still don’t know if that was the right decision or not, but who knooooows)

There were so many other Ideas discussed but my brain is a little bit of a mess and isn’t holding things in it like its usual spongy self, sorry about that.

Because it had been a super long day for all of us, when ended up calling it a day and planned to think of more ideas at home and post about it on the facebook page and to also regroup the next day!

It was  stressful day/week, and if you are having one too, why not listen to this? It’s the coraline soundtrack, and it for some reason chills my brain right out, so it might do it for others… again, who knows? (Give it a wee listen anyway)