Composition in 100 (or more?) Photographs

Just a brief warning (or two) I am obsessed with the sky so prepare for a lot of sky photos and I have too many photos for this category.

Sorry for the abundance of photos and the lack of organisation but first on the list to get posted about is the 100(or more) photographs that I have categorised with composition. I’m finding the division and organisation of photos to be quite difficult as it is hard to separate them because there is a lot of overlapping and less of a definitive line between categories, but maybe that’s just me and maybe it’s because half the time I was just trying to capture the image that I seen with  my eyes rather than capture it is the most appealing way possible for the camera.

I began this project at about 1 in the morning the day after we got it, not with the purpose of getting amazing photos and not even with the purpose of making up the numbers, but just due to the fact that I had been up working till that time and I really needed to go for a walk, so I decided to give my walk with a little more purpose and a little less paranoia.
Here are the photos from that night:

As you can see from these they are awfully yellow and not that great, but I thought I would just put in everything that I have I guess. There was a lot more from that night of buildings shining out this wonderful bluey white light but I put them into a different grouping so you’ll see them on a different post.

And I think that is enough storytelling for now and we’ll get down to the overload of some good and some not so good photographs for this category. Wooooo


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