New project!.. but the same group and the same world?! woohoo

So we finally got the new project told to us, we have to create storyboards for our world to show it to the best we can. It can be anything and we are kind of excited about this. We also got to stay in the same group again, and I am so happy about that, because this team is so amazing, they are super productive, dedicated and extremely lovely people!! We also got a new team member, Lina! And we are super excited to have a new set of eyes and hands to help us through the project and to see what she comes up with!!

At the moment we have a lot of other work to be doing and we have been given the week to focus more on that work more so than the create a world projects.

We need to do, the photo project, essay plan, a lot of life drawing homework that needs looked in to and also blog posts which are being assessed next week.

So we have a busy time ahead of us, but I am so happy that we get to stick with the same team and I am excited about the project.


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