Coloured concepts For Hell!

We began delving into digital concepts and exploring the use of colour. I experimented with oranges and reds at first because I just wanted to get an environmental feel. Exploring the warmer tones of hell.


After that I began experimenting more with the assigned colours to layers. I also used various artist from previous research posted for visual inspiration and lighting/colour understanding. I wanted to start creating a wider variant within my work so I was sticking to just one look, so I tried to go through these concepts quickly to get the main ideas jotted down and then after that try and focus on the lighting.

Template and sketches 2

I also removed the border from the concepts above an really like the painted free looking style from it so i shall just drop that in there.

Lorna also drew up various digital concepts that were amazing, and she really focused in on using the assigned colours we had previously discussed(which was great and something I really should have focused way more on). They turned out wonderfully and her work really pulled through the characteristics that each circle of hell had. She also took into consideration all the research she had done and started to put in characters as well into her concepts, which is something I personally always loved about Lorna‘s way of working.


Final outcomes

Lorna’s final drawing of treachery was amazing, she really focused on trying to capture the true essence of the layer and she created such an atmosphere with her shading.


Eoin spent time on really honing in on creating final pieces that were amazing and had a lot of research and effort put behind them.  They turned out wonderfully and you could really see all the effort he put them & into looking up the various information about the layers he was working on and also the artistic research he did prior to his drawing. He focused on Limbo, Fraud and also Anger ( with Anger he adapted the previous groups style as he wanted to show that we didn’t forget about the work they put in, which was a great idea)

Niamh also created wonderful pieces, she decided to focus in on exploring characters and developing concepts for them and their personalities. She also spent time creating a well thought out concept for Limbo, which adapted a great atmosphere to it all. These pieces turned out wonderfully and we were excited about the range of different concepts we came up with as a team!

I spent a lot of time painting and sketching and trying to free my self up to experiment more with shape and form within the concepts. I regret not focusing in on the research a lot more and taking that into stronger consideration, but I will learn from this and hopefully in the next project I focus more on the research when drawing. But I created two silly concepts for limbo and once larger one for Fraud, I wanted to explore the use of gravity and how the physics of the world might be a lot different to the real world.


As a team we all came up with a wide range of work and a lot of experimentation was explored. We all decided to draw our final concepts up digitally as we thought this would give it a little more consistency with the outcome, and it did! Everyone in the team worked awesome!!! For myself I think I went a little off track and could have been a lot more productive with the final outcomes as I tried to experiment too much previous to this.


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