Life drawing- week 4

Michael . Quick poses. Foreshortening

This week we covered a lot, Michael got us to do more quick drawings to capture the fluidity of the study, and to grasp the general movement of the person. We went on to do 1 minutes studies of the study. I am still finding this part of drawing quite difficult, I still in the process of trying to unlearn what I have taught myself about life drawing and take into consideration what Michael is trying to teach us, because his way will work far better through-out my time here and it makes much more sense.

After this he got us to attempt foreshortening. I found this incredibly difficult and I couldn’t quite grasp drawing it, I never realised before class today how difficult that it is to draw perspective like this.

After attempting one hand I attempted the other. Robert had moved slightly by this point.


I attempted squaring the elements off a little more so as it broke the form down a little more, it made it a little easier to approach at this point.


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