Sketching tiiiime!

We began to explore how we were going to set up our concepts and we decided the best thing to do before delving into colour would be to sketch up a few normal concepts experimenting with different visuals in how the layers would look in hell. Which turned out to be a lot of help! Niamh showed us the Wikipedia page of Dante’s Inferno and this became our main source for research to inspire elements we put into our designs.

It said in great detail about the visuals of each circle within hell, and it was greatly useful!

An abundance of sketches before attempting colour, which I found really fun!!

First thumbnails were alright and they were really fun to start playing with. I wanted to start expanding the landscapes and using the natural environment to create a certain atmosphere. I then played with promarkers and pencils together and I also painted a few tonals to develop certain elements and concepts. After this colour will begin!!

They were really fun to draw and I think I fell too much into it, the only thing when looking back on them is that I should have been less free with what I was drawing and more into researching what I actually really needed to draw!!

The painted versions of the experimental tonals were a lot more useful to develop coloured concepts from. As they depicted the source of light and would really help to pin point the range of colours.

I then started placing into colours into some experiments, with strong sense of darkness.. I just wanted to test out little splashes of colour on some sketches to see what shapes might go well with what colours.


I also experimented with shape and form to test out various approaches on elements we could develop within the world and how we could possibly draw certain things.


After this I started to test out painting environments from just one colour to see how it would turn out, it was really fun. I didn’t start the pieces with a plan I just experimented with the paint.

Then I just wanted to paint a scene before moving onto digital stuff, so I decided to try and paint an ominous forest, that was kind of creepy! Really enjoyed painting again because I hadn’t been able to paint since we started.



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