Creating the colour schemes

We wanted to give each circle it’s own theme and to be able to separate them so as they had their own “personality” per say. The aim was that with the use of colour we could easily differentiate between each circle of hell, with this we looked into Cassies blog (from the previous group) and her list of characteristics for each Circle of Hell.

We also looked into Dante’s Inferno for extra help and to get a real grasp of what each circle was like.

With all of these elements we formed a list of each circle of hell that had an allocated colour scheme  to go along with it that would best support the characteristics within that layer. From this we would then start creating our concepts with these colour schemes.

Limbo – Blues and Lighter Grey tones

Lust – Reds and Darker Grey tones

Gluttony – Oranges and Blues (With more warmer tones)

Greed – Greens and Gold

Anger – Reds and Grey Lighter tones

Heresy – Oranges and Blues (With more cooler tones)

Violence – Reds and Greens

Fraud – Greens and Darker Grey tones

Treachery – Blues and Lighter Grey tones


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