Our research and development!

The last groups research was awesome and great help! But we need to look into more for ourselves so as we can develop it and progress! So weee diiiid


I began looking into some concept artists that created amazing surreal scenes and they had a strong use of light to really push certain elements forward. The first one I looked into was Wang ling, he digitally paints these immense concepts that feature intimidating cityscapes that loom over you as you look into the picture. I thought this might be helpful for us when thinking about creating our own concepts as hell should be intimidating and scary.

I then found a few other artists that may help my team and I to be inspired and get a good understanding of how to compose our pieces of work within the frame.  The next person I stumbled upon was a guy named Piofoks, he also does his work digitally and he incorporates a lot more characters into his main features. Once seeing these I thought they would be great to share with the team as the art connects with hell and it shows how the heat from fire or lava that generates its own light effects the rest of its surroundings and the relationship between between self generated light source and the environment.

Last but not least (because he is ultimate) was Piotr Jabłoński, he created these epic surreal pieces that adapt creepy with weird and also kind of adorable and surprise surprise he is also a digital painter.

Also look at this one AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I want to paint like thiiiiiiiis  So bad!!!


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