Oooooo it’s that time again.. Time for a new world! woohoo, exciting! Today Conánn moved us all again, but me and Lorna moved together! I was pretty relieved that I still had a buddy when moving because I was getting super nervous all day.
So that makes it the 3rd week Lorna and I shall work together, yaay! Our new team consists of Lorna(of course), Eoin and Niamh! Which is a pretty good group of people and I’m excited to work with them. Still was nervous though ahaha.

We were placed into hell world to begin working. I was really happy about this world as it has so much to work with! Conánn’s plans for the rest of the week is for us to bring a little colour to the world we are on. Which is pretty exciting because we haven’t really been allowed to use colour up until this point and hell gives for a lot of exciting colour choices woooohoo!
Now time to start research into the previous groups work and also into coloured concepts! yey!

The previous groups blogs:

I looked lots for emilys blog and I shall link it as soon as I find it!


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