Previous groups research and Work!

Hell world has developed a lot and is still very inspired by Dante’s Inferno! The previous group, for their amazing tonals, also began looking into a few other games to inspire their artwork and style!!

Dante’s Inferno was the initial inspiration as it has been throughout the whole process. It shows the way through hell of each layer and how their  are characters that rule them. This was great thing to look into as it helped with the whole understanding of characters and their layers.

Don’t Starve 

They also looked into the game “Don’t Starve” A game that holds a lot of similarities to the style of Tim Burton, but with a more playful cartoony look to it. They found this useful as it had a sketchy approach to the style where everything looked a little jagged. The previous group thought this style would be a good style to try and adapt within their concepts as it would add a little more of an “edge” to the entirety of the concepts.



They also looked into Limbo, which heavily inspired their Tonal concepts!! The high contrasted foreground to background between tones made the elements that you were interacting within the game a lot more prominent.This style also made the atmosphere of the game a little more ominous as the backgrounds style makes it look as though it is never ending and it almost makes you feel trapped with the elements of the foreground, a great sense you want to imply when looking into capturing hell within a drawing.


Finally here are the previous groups absolutely amazing tonal concepts that you can see a clear influence through all their great research and also a little twist put into it from each of them.

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