All our final concepts!

A compilation of our final concepts for inside a tulip/plant world.


Lorna created these wonderful designs that I loved. She took inspiration for a couple of them from my thumbnails, like the bottom right one was inspired by my glowing deer one. It’s amazing when people take your concepts and draw it from their own eyes, you get to see everything in a whole new perspective. I’m really happy with how Lorna’s turned out, it was awesome! She experimented widely within her concepts and one of my favourites of hers was the one with the deer at the end of the tunnel/forest, it beautiful.



More of Lorna’s concepts


One more from Lorna! woo!

Robert then created two separate final concepts, the initial one was inspired by one of his own thumbnails and then some of Lorna’s. I love this group as we sway and exchange elements of our ideas and it feels like a real group dynamic.


He then too one of my thumbnails and repainted it on photoshop and it turned out magically! He brought a little more life and energy to my flat design.

I am very happy with our collective outcome. Although I feel like I could have done way more and I might try and revisit this to draw a few more tonals up with whatever I learn in the weeks to come.


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