Swapping Concepts!!

For our next step we decided to swap concepts and begin to draw elements from each other’s work. For one of mine I took inspiration from a couple of Roberts drawings. Robert had a thumbnail drawn up of a waterfall that I love and thought it was a great idea, he also had a few interesting shapes and formations that I found quite interesting, so I took them elements from his designs and developed them into something else. (roberts designs below)

My initial version of this compiled drawing, was okay but I still found it quite flat and a bit boring.


I included Roberts waterfall I just changed the angle around and also added a little bit of landscaping to give it a little more energy and natural fluidity. I also included a few formations he had in one of his thumbnails and just gave them a little more “movement” even though they are still still. Then I put a wee bit more me into the concept, like the sky is covered by the petals of the flower and then the veins of the petal have little balls of light in them to give the world its light source. After that I added in some warped vines and then large looming shadows of the stamen looming over the landscape! I still found the concept a bit boring so I wanted to keep developing it before tuesday.


From the previous drawing I then started to add in a few more interesting elements. Throughout the whole week I have enjoyed the idea of floating aspects within the world and I wanted to ensure that I had incorporated it within our world as my team seemed to also liked this idea. So I put in a couple of rock formations and then had a floating staircase going up to them. after that I then included glowing designs on the mushroomy pollen formations to give them a little more of an interesting/otherworldly look.


Finally after this I just blocked out dark dark mushroom shapes to put into the foreground so as to give the whole concept a more depth filled feel. Yaaaay That’s one done.


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